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We run alongside the frustrated and overwhelmed visionaries who know what they want, but not how to do it. Design is a powerful tool to reach your endgame. With Koriko's smart, artful and unexpected style, you'll gain more loyal customers, a greater return, and unparalleled confidence in your business and yourself.

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what we offer

→  Brand Identity Design
→  Web Design & Development
→  Graphic Design
→  Packaging + Merch Design
→  Social Media Campaign Graphics

Let's bring your business to life.

Brand Identity

Your brand tells customers how to feel when they interact with your business. Let's gain clarity on the personality, business goals, and attraction attributes of your perfect customer. We take all those ideas and compose them into an authentic and sleek brand.

Included is a comprehensive brand strategy questionnaire and a 30-minute video call to review, plus:

→ Primary + Secondary Logo + Mark
→ Color Palette
→ Font Guide
→ Brand Guideline
→ Brand launch social media graphic

Plus, a discounted offer on any brand collateral – like business cards, flyers, or social graphics!

Investment starts at $2500
Timeline: 3-4 weeks

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Website Design

There's nothing more pressure-inducing than DIY-ing a website. We build sites strategic to your goals, that translate your brand beautifully and, most importantly, work hard FOR you. Our expertise spans three web platforms so we can build in the one that makes the most sense for your business.

Squarespace – Great for clean, modern sites that can be up and running fast. Ideal for service-based businesses. Investment starts at $3500.

Shopify – For those who need to build an online store vs a website. Ideal for e-commerce businesses. Investment starts at $6000.

Webflow – For those who want a fully-customized, interactive site not constrained by templates. Investment starts at $8000.

Timeline: ~12 weeks

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Desktop view of Side Quest's Shopify website
Side Quest
Flora & Finch
Business cards for The Witch's Garden
The Witch's Garden
We Sparkle
Flora & Finch's logoTote bag design for We Sparkle

Know the Process

We work hard to have a killer workflow in place that you can be confident in. You want to know what you're getting yourself into. We get it, because we're exactly the same way. Click through to see our steps to brand + website success!

Step One: Branding

We start with a questionnaire and follow-up call to discover the heart and soul of your business together. We define it, then get to work on translating it into an authentic brand identity. Two rounds of revisions later, and you receive a package of logo files, your brand guideline, and any collateral to start you off on the right path.

Timeline: 3-4 weeks

Step Two: Website

Together we collaborate on a design brief that outlines everything we want the site to do for your business and establish a timeline for the project. While you begin sending us content, we create mockups and a sitemap. Once approved, we start building! Soon the site will be revealed to you in all its glory, we test, then launch! Lastly, we hand over the keys with a final video call to go through the backend together.

Timeline: ~12 weeks

Step Three: Celebration!

We have secret (or not-so-secret) dance parties when everything starts clicking with your customers and you see the return on your investment. And we're here to cheer you on and support you as a member of the Koriko Collective. Community over competition!

Frequently Asked Q's

How much does Koriko charge?

An unsatisfying answer: it depends on the project. For example, the scope of work on a website design varies between the website builders we use (Squarespace, Shopify, and Webflow), and each client requires different features, layouts, and functionality. Please feel free to reach out for a free consultation, and we can give you a better estimate of what the investment will be.

How does payment work?

We want to make this investment accessible and realistic. Although it can depend on the scale of the project, we typically break up the total amount into three equal payments: 1/3 at contract signing, 1/3 midway through the project, and 1/3 at completion, where we will then send you all final files or transfer the site to you.

Our preferred method of payment is E-transfer. With credit cards, we pay transaction fees and to keep our prices affordable, we do not inflate our prices to account for this. However, if you prefer to pay via credit card, please note there will be an additional 0.8% transaction fee included in your invoice.

What's the difference between Squarespace, Shopify & Webflow?

These website builders are all user-friendly and have self-contained hosting, so only a domain is needed to get up and running. However, the way they are built and who they best function for differ immensely. Squarespace is best for service-based businesses who are information or photography-first and only have basic eCommerce needs. Shopify is the most robust eCommerce option where selling products is the primary goal rather than conveying information. Webflow is great for those who want a fully customized site with animations and interactions, and a dynamic Content Management System.

The right platform for you depends on your business, your required features, and your goals for business growth. We can help you choose the right home for your site!

When can we start on my project?

We prioritize relationships over transactions, so on our initial call we will begin by seeing if we are the right fit for you. If not, that's OK! We are all at different stages in our business. If we are both feeling totally jazzed, we will schedule a start date. We do work with clients on a first come, first served basis and ask that you be 100% committed to being involved in every step of the process before reaching out to schedule a start date. Our partnership needs two parties, and not just Erica and Raquel! A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 2-4 weeks before we begin. If we're in a particularly busy season, it could be 4-8 weeks, but we'll let you know once you reach out to us!

Do you provide the website domain and hosting?

Clients are responsible for purchasing the website domain and platform subscription (hosting). Depending on the website builder platform, different hosting fees (and features) come with each pricing tier. We'll explore all your options in our consultation meeting.

Does Koriko know how to code?

We have a good knowledge of coding to allow for minor style tweaks within Squarespace and Shopify ⁠— enough to successfully and beautifully translate your branding without issue. Any major adjustments will require an outside developer, where additional fees may apply. One of the reasons we love building websites in Webflow is complete creative freedom. Webflow allows for all the custom design, animation and interactions that normally give non-coding designers major headaches. Our own website was built in Webflow!

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Headshot of Monique Johnson of Coo Lab
“My spirit sang when I saw the initial design! There were details I could not clearly articulate but Koriko’s magic-making wizardry allowed them to intuitively incorporate that nuance into my design.”
Headshot of Emma Tuftin and Grant Henry of Brio Marketing
"I love working with Koriko and you will too! Raquel and Erica bring positive energy and collaborative spirit to everything they do. Their process is organized, efficient and results in the very best design solutions for any project. This powerhouse sister team has the ability to translate big picture strategy into the most effective design work."
emma tuftin, co-founder & marketing strategist, brio marketing
Headshot of Michelle Tran Maryns of We Sparkle
“Thank you [Koriko] so much for all of your great work on We Sparkle - it’s been a joy watching the branding come to life! I appreciate all of your creativity, thoughtfulness, and care that you put into it.”
Michelle Tran Maryns, Sparkler-In-Chief, we sparkle
Headshot of Chris R. Hairston-White of Flora & Finch
“My standards are high. I take branding and marketing personally. I didn’t hesitate to hire Koriko ... but I didn’t expect the reaction I had at the first reveal meeting. Erica’s and Raquel’s talent moved me to tears. That day my vision became real. They are the 'secret sauce' in a recipe for success.”
Chris R. Hairston-White, Founder & Chief Curator, flora & finch
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