yum yum! dog treats

personality pillars

happy, friendly, spunky, modern, bright

project type

product packaging

Yum Yum! is a dog treat company baking delicious and nutritious goodies for our best friends. Made with real, locally-sourced and organic ingredients, Yum Yum! makes happy and healthy pups.

The playful branding is influenced by Japanese design with its bright colors, rounded type and shapes, and clean lines. We wanted to utilize the Japanese balance of bold, powerful graphics with positivity and a dash of silliness.

The packaging layout is very clean, just like the treats themselves. There is a window into the bag, so customers can see the goodies inside, as well as images of the real ingredients used in the recipes.

koriko notes:

Yum Yum! Dog Treats is a conceptual project we designed to showcase this style of branding + fun product packaging.

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