We Sparkle

personality pillars

Bold, Inviting, Light & Bright, Celebratory

project type

web design

We Sparkle is an AI-powered software-as-a-service (SaaS) social enterprise focused on helping small businesses, especially those owned by women and women of color, with their client communications. The second aspect of We Sparkle is a socially-conscious business directory website (a non-evil Yelp for do-gooders) we designed and developed in collaboration with Brio Marketing.

The identity balances the personality of clean and modern tech sophistication with the bold, fun playfulness of a social enterprise with heart.

kind words:

“Thank you [Koriko] so much for all of your great work on We Sparkle - it’s been a joy watching the branding come to life! I appreciate all of your creativity, thoughtfulness, and care that you put into it.”

— Michelle Tran Maryns, Sparkler-In-Chief

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