Rulebreakers: Disrupt the Status Quo

September 29, 2019
I love celebrating women. I love being a woman, I love women supporting women, and I feel blessed to be living in a cultural time of female empowerment. There is still a lot of work to be done and patriarchal systems to smash, but our progress is a thing to behold.

March is Women’s History Month. What a serendipitous happenstance as our theme for this month is Rulebreakers (you better believe I just made that a compound word for convenience). And when I say rules, I’m talking about the official rules, the unspoken rules, the societal expectations, the dampening vibes of oppression – all that does not serve social justice and equality. We’re talkin’ #feminism, people.

For centuries up to today, women have been taught, both consciously and subconsciously to make themselves as small and agreeable as possible. To go against the grain, to be loud, to do the unexpected has society throwing labels all over them: Shrill. Spoiled. Bossy. B*tchy. And not just men, but women too. Don’t men love to make jokes about women not knowing how to be friends? (cue cat yeowing noise 🙄) We’ve been conditioned to compete against one another.

And let’s just recognize this ultimate lie: women must be perfect. The perfect balance of everything. Let’s throw that garbage out. I’m ready to change the culture I find myself in, at the very least in my own sphere of existence, and do my part to help the national and global conversation. If that breaks some rules, so be it. Let’s all explore and meditate on these ideas this March. And we’ll begin next week with a celebration of some badass women throughout history. Talk then!

Image: Featured from left: Billie Holiday, Gladys Bently, Women Air Force Service Pilots in WWII, Gwan-sun Yu, and a 19th century onna-bugeisha (samurai).

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