Connect: A Journey of Identity + Individuality

September 29, 2019
Connect. Connect to others, to your past, your culture, and, ultimately, yourself. 

I’m attempting to do all of these things this month to ground me. To find the meaning and structure and purpose within myself, and not externally.

Things are constantly changing around me. Even now, several months into Koriko, I’m still finding my footing in this new lifestyle. It’s important for me to find these connections within myself, so I can continue confidently knowing the difference between who I am and what I do. Especially when the doubts come creeping in.

No matter where life goes, with its highs and lows, I want to know myself and come home to its constant. It’s like yoga >> connect to your core and, suddenly, your foundation becomes stronger and more stable.

I know it sounds vague, but I ultimately chose the theme Connect so I could discuss topics I’ve wanted to for a while – from finding your identity when you’re from mixed cultural backgrounds, to living as an introvert when the world rewards the opposite, to just finding joy in the things you do on the daily.

And what happens when you’re just NOT connecting with someone? Falling outs, animosity disguised as friendship… it happens and it’s OK. We want to get along with everyone and connect with each other, but sometimes that just ain’t gonna happen!

This month my be a bit of a mixed bag of content, but I hope to reign it all in under the theme of connection, of identity and humanity. Because knowing ourselves and loving who we are throughout our lives is the longest, most convoluted journey we’ll have. So let’s explore it!

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