Amplify: Share Your Truth

February 21, 2019

Hi everyone! Raquel here. I chose this month’s theme of Amplify. I know a lot of people have absolutely no problem with sharing personal things online – sharing their stories and their opinions (respectfully, of course). I was never really one of them. Not because I was afraid of what other’s would say, but because I thought no one would care. Because I considered myself a nobody.

But I am beginning to understand being worthy of sharing your truth is not something you earn. It’s something you are born with. And frankly, I was stopping myself – no one was stopping me.

Erica recently went to her local Creative Mornings meetup in Richmond, VA and came back to me raving about it. I checked out a recording of the talk made by Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative Company. And it was her introduction that resounded so deeply within me more than anything else:

“As I was getting ready to introduce myself and thinking about… who am I to speak to a group of you and share anything of value? All of these ideas about the things I do and titles or accomplishments that I have came to mind.

And I realized that beyond all that… what matters the most is that I am a person with a story and a willingness to share it. And that traditionally in our society when someone stands up to speak they introduce themselves with all of their accomplishments and a checklist of why it matters that you should listen to them. But none of that really matters that much.

What matters is I believe that my life and your lives have value inherently. And none of those things that you do – the titles, or the accomplishments, or the boxes that you check, can add to the worth that you have, and to the connection that we can create because of our humanity.”

Wow. It was such a small moment in her larger talk, but this is the thing I’ll always carry with me – and I hope you can gain something from it too. Sometimes you need a stranger to tell you these ultimate truths.

So now I’ve officially freed myself to… essentially become vulnerable with our Koriko community here. The reason being to foster a culture of transparency and a belief in  strength in vulnerability. And perhaps there is a part of me that hopes a mini Raquel is somewhere out there needing to hear these things I’ve now learned as an adult (Hi, little me!).

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