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A creative studio crafting bold, authentic branding + websites for modern entrepreneurs.

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Business cards for The Witch's Garden
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Feel the relief when we take the design weight off your shoulders.

Ditch the DIY. You deserve to be confident knowing your brand reflects the pro that you are.

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Attract ideal customers with less work.

Your brand and website should work for you – not against you. Our design decisions are driven by your goals so your identity is both beautiful and intentional.

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It's not a transaction – it's a partnership!

As a design studio for small businesses, we want to empower the people behind them. Our team gets to know your business intimately so we can support it in the future as it grows and changes.

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Business cards for Side Quest
Packaging design for Yum Yum! Dog Treats

Web Design

Whether you're service-based or eCommerce, just getting off the ground or tried and true, we build strategic websites custom to your business.


Logo, colors, type, photo treatments... we do the work and ask the right questions that will keep your vision focused and uncompromised.

Graphic Design

Customers trust consistency. From print to web to special projects – we keep your brand intact and strong through every medium.

Headshot of Chris R. Hairston-White of Flora & Finch
“My standards are high. I take branding and marketing personally. I didn’t hesitate to hire Koriko ... but I didn’t expect the reaction I had at the first reveal meeting. Erica’s and Raquel’s talent moved me to tears. That day my vision became real. They are the 'secret sauce' in a recipe for success.”
Chris R. Hairston-White, Founder & Chief Curator, flora & finch
Headshot of Monique Johnson of Coo Lab
“My spirit sang when I saw the initial design! There were details I could not clearly articulate but Koriko’s magic-making wizardry allowed them to intuitively incorporate that nuance into my design.”
Headshot of Emma Tuftin and Grant Henry of Brio Marketing
"I love working with Koriko and you will too! Raquel and Erica bring positive energy and collaborative spirit to everything they do. Their process is organized, efficient and results in the very best design solutions for any project. This powerhouse sister team has the ability to translate big picture strategy into the most effective design work."
emma tuftin, co-founder & marketing strategist, brio marketing
Headshot of Michelle Tran Maryns of We Sparkle
“Thank you [Koriko] so much for all of your great work on We Sparkle - it’s been a joy watching the branding come to life! I appreciate all of your creativity, thoughtfulness, and care that you put into it.”
Michelle Tran Maryns, Sparkler-In-Chief, we sparkle
Poloroid photo of Raquel and Erica of Koriko

Sister, sister

We started Koriko to empower fellow female business owners – in an industry that wasn't made for us. We believe great things can happen when women work together.

Although we're quite different in many ways, here's what we can agree on:

→  Japanese animation
→  All of the dogs
→  The Lord of Rings marathons
→  Korean BBQ (without portion control)
→  Conan O'Brien gifs

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